Besides offering high quality products, we are ready to cooperate with our customers and producers all around the world.
Some of our most valuable services are as follows:

Cultivation contract

If you are an industrialist and want to obtain your desired high quality materials at the most competitive prices, we are ready to sign a contract to cultivate for you in our farms, in the best conditions and professional surveillance.

Consulting services

As we are professional in cultivating, or finding and cropping from the wild, we’re ready to cooperate with you by providing information about the medicinal herbs and their properties, right way of gathering, market value and anything you may need to start.

Marketing for you

If you are a producer of medicinal herbs or plants, and want to offer your products to the international markets, don’t hesitate to contact us. .

Rare herbs

Thanks to our widespread network of suppliers in different countries, we can seek and find your desired rare and uncommon herb species at the most competitive prices.