BARSAM is an international trading company specialized in the herbal market located uniquely in the heart of Persia and Australia. In Barsam we cultivate some medicinal plants directly in our farms, and supply some other species from our trusted producers, first-hand. Besides we have teams of collectors who do wild-harvesting under official licences and zero risk for the nature. After some primary but professional processes to prepare the herbs for industrial uses, we pack the high quality materials in bulk standard packages and send tailor made products to our customers all over the world.

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Our main goal is to provide organic raw material through environment-friendly methods, and without the interference of middlemen.



We are much confident about the quality and integrity of the products we offer in BARSAM. To assure all customers about the purity and authenticity of the products, we can arrange to provide samples, warehouse inspections, or global benchmarking, prior to make a purchase. However, we do take back in case of any unsatisfaction.

We are always ready to reply your questions, send you samples, or even arrange to meet our potential customers in person.

If you are looking for anything more that our products, don’t hesitate to check our services page.